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Studying Ann Griffiths
Digital texts
Ann Griffiths translations
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Cymraeg (Cartref)
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Cardiff University

Cardiff University

Editor: Dr E. Wyn James (School of Welsh)

Project Co-ordinator: Peter Keelan (Salisbury Library, Information Services)

Project Team (Information Services)
Digital Photographer: Mark Barrett
Image Editing: Kirsty Alexander

Cataloguer: Sabine Berendse
Head of Cataloguing: Tracey Andrews

Web Designer: Vicky Stallard
Head of Web Team: Glyn Ryland

Systems Team: Ann Moloney, Catrin Jones, Sue Stevens

Hardware Support: Dave Westcott, Alan Oborne

Other Staff: Jennie Roe, Alun Jenkins, Paul Morris, Richard Mellowes

Technical Information
Equipment (2003):
Horseman Digiflex camera
Jenoptik Eyelike digital back
Nikon lenses
Larn Daylight balanced lights

Endeavor Image Server
TIFF archive masters
JPEG web versions
PDF web versions

Dublin Core metadata categories have mostly been followed, incorporated into MARC21 format cataloguing fields.

Cardiff University Arts and Social Studies Library supports a range of equipment to help people with disabilities. For further details see:
IT facilities for users with disabilities. For further PDF information see: http://access.adobe.com/

All digital texts are in PDF Format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view them: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

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