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Ann Griffiths was a monoglot Welsh speaker to all intents and purposes. Her hymns and letters are all in Welsh. The text of her hymns and letters in modern Welsh orthography, edited by Dr E. Wyn James, is to be found in the Welsh-language section of this website (Gwaith Ann Griffiths).

There have been a number of translations of her hymns and letters into English. Digitised versions of some of these are included on this website (Digital texts). A bibliography of translations of Ann’s work into English is to be found on the Bibliography of Welsh Literature in English Translation website: BWLET.net

Although noted for their accuracy, the English translations of Ann’s hymns by the late Professor H. A. Hodges (1905-76) have long been out of print. His translations of her letters have only appeared in an American edition, again long out of print. We are grateful to his widow, Mrs Vera Hodges, for permission to include edited versions of these translations on the website. To access the translations, click on the following links:

The hymns of Ann Griffiths (tr. H. A. Hodges)

The letters of Ann Griffiths (tr. H. A. Hodges)